Professional and Artistic Studies
in Graphic Design

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Vocational and Artistic school prepares students to become Graphic Designers.

The Professional and Artistic Studies programme places a special emphasis on teaching practical skills, developing creativity, innovation and a personal style. Classes are conducted by a renowned faculty whose members also teach at State Academies of Fine Arts and by recognized professionals working in occupations related to graphic design.

340 hours
of lessons and activities: theory, practice, studio, locations, field trips

Program nauki Studium Zawodowego i Artystycznego Grafiki Projektowej

Graphic Design

Vector Graphics 2D  (Illustrator)

Bitmap Graphics (Adobe Photoshop)

Design and Building Websites

Animation and editing

Lettering and Typography


Anatomic Drawing


Commercial Graphic Design

Audiovisual Design

Image Composition

Visual Storytelling

Designing for Press and Book Publishers

Preparations for Offset and Digital Printing

Multimedia and Film Techniques

Colour Management

DTP and Tracking

History of Art

Contemporary Art

Basic Photography

Media copyright and basic intellectual property law

Graphic Design Thesis

Graphic Design Seminar

A rich program of studies allows graduates to acquire diverse experiences giving them the opportunity to find work in the booming graphic design market both at home and abroad.

The objective of the studies we offer is to give our future graduates comprehensive knowledge and at the same time encourage and inspire them to become creative and innovative designers.

Our programme prepares students to excercise the following professions:

Computer Graphics Designer

Graphic Designer

DTP Operator

Multimedia Graphic Designer

Web Designer

Warsaw School of Photography

Student gallery

Warsaw School of Photography

Diploma galley

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fotografia studia Warszawa

ul. Łazienkowska 14 
00-449 Warszawa

poniedziałek  10.00 – 17.00
wtorek           10.00 – 17.00
środa            11.00 – 19 .00
czwartek       10.00 – 17.00
piątek           10.00 – 17.00