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The Bachelor's degree programme provides a theoretical, practical and aesthetic preparation for the profession of photographer. The program is aimed at learning from the very basics, transmitting a wide range of knowledge and providing students with the technical skills necessary for the profession.

The Warsaw School of Photography and Graphic Design together with the Higher School of Arts  offer  B.A. studies in Painting with a major in Multimedia Images and a specialization in Photography.

Theoretical and practical courses abound in topics related to image technology, the history of photography, contemporary photography, recording and processing images as well as photo processing capabilities in graphics programmes. Our courses not only help develop a sense of aesthetics, but also give the possibility of exploring many specific areas of photography giving our students a multiple choice of areas of specialization. Under the care of a faculty made up of successful and experienced artists and professional photographers, students have the opportunity to create and follow their own path. Getting a comprehensive education while studying photography in our School in Warsaw helps develop creativity and encourages innovation: two key elements to successfully pursue a profession.

Program nauki na studiach licencjackich

Advertising Photography

Studio Photography

Illustrative and Product Photography

Advertising Photography

Fashion Photography

Creative Techniques in Photography

Large Format Photography

Artistic Photography

Photography and Visual Arts

Creative Photography

Photography and Contemporary Art

Creative Portrait

Still Life

Artistic Photography

The Art of Designing Exhibitions


Photojournalism and Documentary Photography


Advanced photojournalism

General Courses

Form and Content of the Image

Psychological Photographic Portrait

Contemporary Photography

Video Art

History of Photography

History of Art

Landscape Photography

Film Postproduction/Photocast

Portfolio/Photo edition

Photographic Equipment and Techniques

Digital Image Editing (Photoshop)

Colour Management. Digital Photo Printing Techniques

Black and White Darkroom Techniques

Protection of Intellectual Property

The B.A. programme covers subjects related to contemporary professional and artistic photography, for instance digital and analogue photography, lighting techniques, image composition, photojournalism, advertising, illustrative, fashion photographies and marketing of art.

Warsaw School of PhotographyFor people who would like to excercise professions related to photography and express themselves artistically through photography.

Warsaw School of PhotographyFor those working in other occupations and university students learning other subjects, who feel the need to enrich their lives with a creative artistic dimension.

Warsaw School of PhotographyFor prospective students who wish to prepare for the entrance exams to state universities and institutions in Poland and abroad. Our students are accepted to the Łódź National Film School, University of Fine Arts in Poznań, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, University of Silesia in Katowice, the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava and other prestigious universities abroad.

Warsaw School of PhotographyFor students of photography schools who have completed one or two years of studies and want to raise their level. They can enroll in the second or third year at the Warsaw School of Photography and Graphic design.

Warsaw School of PhotographyFor amateurs who want to develop their passion, learn photographic techniques, improve their skills and explore and develop their creative potential. Photography can become a way of personal artistic expression that enriches their lives.

Warsaw School of PhotographyFor future professional photographers who as a result of receiving a solid artistic education in addition to a comprehensive technical know-how can create their own original style. Their unique way of seeing will make them stand out among the competition in the market and help them achieve commercial success.

Our programme of B.A. studies in Painting with a major in Multimedia Images and a specialization in Photography satisfies the requirements of the Educational Commission of the European Union. It culminates with a B.A. at a European level. Our B.A. degree is recognized by 47 countries in the world including the European Union and China.

Students in the B.A. programme learn the latest trends and conditions in the areas of professional and artistic photography and related professions. Our graduates are prepared to work in traditional and electronic media, advertising agencies, film productions,  photo and graphic studios as well as curators and managers in institutions related to artistic photography like galleries, museums and photography festivals.

Our programme prepares students to excercise the following professions:

Photographer  (Artistic and Commercial)


Still Photographer in Film and TV Productions

Postproduction and Retouching Specialist

Photo Session Producer

Photo Editor


Warsaw School of Photography

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Warsaw School of Photography

Diploma Gallery

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