Basic Photography Course

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We offer an intensive basic photography course designed for all enthusiasts who are just beginning their adventure with a camera or want to improve their skills.

Our Basic Photography Course includes

Warsaw School of PhotographyImportant topics in digital and analogue photography

Warsaw School of PhotographyTheoretical lectures, practical classes and activities, field trips

Warsaw School of Photography We take particular care in developing the visual culture of our students

Warsaw School of PhotographyOur photography courses focus on providing practical know-how with an emphasis in digital photography

Warsaw School of PhotographyWe teach our students specific and useful knowledge on using cameras and taking photos in studios and on location

Basic Photography Course

We ensure

- An excellent faculty from the Warsaw School of Photography and Graphic Design. Technical didactic equipment and facilities

- The availability of professionally equipped Photo Studios, darkroom, and computer center

- Mentoring between classes

- The opportunity to participate in all activities organized by the school

- The opportunity to participate in field trips organized by the school throughout the academic year

Programme of the Basic Course

- Landscape Photography

- Studio Photography

- Illustrative Photography

- Large Format Photography

- Black and White Darkroom

- Photojournalism

- Photographic Techniques

- Photography and Visual Arts 

- Digital Image Editing (Photoshop)


- Directions in Photography: humanistic photography, photojournalism, street photography, still life, portraits, landscape, studio and product photography, contemporary trends

- Aesthetics of photography, form and content in photography, image composition, the quality of light

- Digital photography, work with cameras and computer software

- Photographic techniques, measurement of light, black and white and colour materials, photographic equipment (digital and analogue cameras, 35mm, medium and large format cameras, lenses, accessories, etc)

- Meetings with invited guests: photographers, film directors, cinematographers and celebrities of the world of culture


- Digital photography, digital cameras, computer image editing, postproduction (Adobe Photoshop)

- Black and white darkroom practice: negative development, contact prints, enlargements

- Portraits, studio lighting (continuous and strobe)

- Illustrative, advertising and product photography, digital photography in found situations

- Studio photography, practical classes

- Outdoors: The practice of large format photography and the use and applications of the Zone System

- Field trips: landscape photography, photojournalism, portraits

Warsaw School of Photography

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Warsaw School of Photography

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Are you ready for the course of Photography?!

Are you ready for the course of Photography?!


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