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The Warsaw School of Photography and Graphic Design together with the Higher School of Art offer Postgraduate studies (not an MA) majoring in: Creative Multimedia Images – Graphic Design

Postgraduate Studies Programme

Advertising Theory and Practice

Composition and Design




Television Graphics

Lettering and Typography

Basic Photography


Animation and Editing

History of Painting


We ensure

Warsaw School of PhotographyAn excellent faculty from the Warsaw School of Photography and Graphic Design and the Higher School of Arts

Warsaw School of PhotographyMentoring between classes

Warsaw School of PhotographyTechnical didactic equipment and facilities

Warsaw School of PhotographyThe opportunity to participate in all activities organized by the school

Warsaw School of PhotographyThe availability of professionally equipped photo studios, darkroom, and computer center. The opportunity to participate in field trips organized by the school throughout the academic year

Warsaw School of Photography

Student gallery

Warsaw School of Photography

Diploma Gallery

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